Downtown Ashland Association (formerly Ashland Main Street Association) is a community non-profit organization that works toward a strong and vibrant future for Ashland, Virginia.

As an accredited member of Main Street America and the Virginia Main Street program since 2013, Downtown Ashland Association works in partnership with the Town of Ashland revitalizing the historic downtown to ensure our local businesses and community not only grow, but thrive.

Through marketing initiatives, special events, business engagement, historic preservation and more, Downtown Ashland Association contributes to the town’s vitality by deploying our time, funding, and voice on behalf of the community.

We believe in a vibrant business community. We believe in celebrating and preserving historic character. We believe in the power of community partnerships.

We are organizers, fundraisers, and small town cheerleaders. We are artists and farmers, government leaders and business owners, parents and grandparents. We harness the power of community to build a stronger future for everyone.


Enhance and promote Downtown Ashland as the center of our community by cultivating downtown businesses, celebrating historic character, and forging community partnerships.


Downtown Ashland is a vibrant and inclusive business community that offers residents, visitors, and newcomers a unique and welcoming experience.

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